Adam CampbellAll Together NowAnnabelle
Baby, You're a Rich ManBell BoyBlue Meanies
Brother and SisterBrother and Sister meet the Beatles (aka the new and improved Editor's Cut)Butterfly Stompers
Candle Slice O'CakeCary ElwesChief Blue Meanie
Dean Lennox KellyDick EmeryEditor's Cut 2: The Beatles Meet Bell Boy
Eleanor RigbyFoothills of the HeadlandsFor Yellow Submarine Fans
Geoffrey HughesGeorgeHaley Galaxy
Hey BulldogIt's All Too MuchJeremy Hillary Boob Ph.D.
JohnLance PercivalLast Exit to Springfield
Lord MayorLove You ToLucy in the Sky with Diamonds
March of the MeaniesMaxNick the Blue Meanie
Nowhere ManOld FredOnly a Northern Song
PaulPaul AngelisPeggy Seven Seas
PepperlandPepperland (song)Pepperland Laid Waste
Peter SerafinowiczRick the Blue MeanieRingo Starr
Robert ZemeckisSandy the Blue MeanieScript for Editor's Cut
Sea of GreenSea of HolesSea of Holes (song)
Sea of MonstersSea of Monsters (song)Sea of Nothing
Sea of ScienceSea of TimeSea of Time (song)
Shawn the Snapping TurkStorm E SkyThe Dreadful Flying Glove
The Snuffbox with a SecretThink For YourselfWhen I'm Sixty-Four
With a Little Help from My FriendsYellow Submarine (2012 film)Yellow Submarine (Dark Horse Comics)
Yellow Submarine (Editor's Cut Edition)Yellow Submarine (Gold Key comics)Yellow Submarine (children's book)
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Yellow Submarine in PepperlandYellow submarine
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