Lord Mayor is the elderly ruler of Pepperland. He is voiced by Dick Emery.


The Lord Mayor is most likely the oldest resident of Pepperland. He is large in size yet short, has a white mustache and eyebrows, and has purple, wrinkly skin.

He wears a green cape with a green clover-like pattern over his tan clothing and orange sash. He also has long, slender black hat that covers hides what's left of his white hair.


Assault on PepperlandEdit

As the Blue Meanies began their invasion of Pepperland, Old Fred, who the Lord Mayor calls "Young Fred," finds Lord Mayor playing a violin quartet with three others. Old Fred warns him of their attack but he does not believe him until the other members of the quartet are frozen.

Old Fred carried him all the way to the yellow submarine and guided him up the stairs. When they reached the top, Lord Mayor continued playing his violin solo, appointed Old Fred Lord Admiral, and sent him off. As the submarine flew off, a group of Apple Bonkers turned Lord Mayor to stone.

The Submarine's ReturnEdit

Upon their arrival in Pepperland, Ringo finds a stack of baldwin apples and pulls out one on the bottom, toppling the rest and revealing Lord Mayor encased in stone. The submarine then lands next to them. Old Fred rushes to him and asks the Beatles to sing. They sing a line from "Think For Yourself," which sets Lord Mayor free.

Lord Mayor spots the group Old Fred brought with him and notices that they look like the band Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which gives him the idea to have them impersonate them and rally the Pepperlanders for a rebellion.

In Editor's Cut Edit

The Lord Mayor has a minor role in Editor's cut. However, he did get kidnapped by Chief by almost being hanged. It was Old Fred that saved him. He also has a non-speaking cameo during the part when Ringo sings about love.