"Nowhere Man" is a song that appears in Rubber Soul and in Yesterday and Today, an album released only in the US and Canada. It was written mainly by John Lennon, but Paul McCartney helped polish the rough edges. It was recorded on October 21 and 22 1965 and released December 3, 1965 in Rubber Soul and February 15, 1996 as a single in the US.

In Yellow Submarine, the nowhere man is Jeremy Hillary Boob Ph.D., the lone resident of the Sea of Nothing.


Lennon was trying to write a song for Rubber Soul but couldn't come up with anything good. After about five hours of intense thought, he gave up and laid down. And just as he did this, everything came to him.

Yellow SubmarineEdit

The nowhere man

Jeremy Hillary Boob Ph.D.

The nowhere man is represented by Jeremy Hillary Boob Ph.D., who describes himself as "eminent physicist, polyglot classicist, prize-winning botanist, hard-biting satirist, talented pianist, good dentist too." The Beatles described him as a "nowhere man" and broke into song. Towards the end, Jeremy appears sad that he is lonely again as they continue on their journey to Pepperland. Ringo feels bad for him and decides to take him along with them.

He is the lone resident of the Sea of Nothing and speaks in rhyme.

He is voiced by Dick Emery in the movie.