Glove 2 (yellow submarine)

The Dreadful Flying Glove is a creature who appears in Yellow Submarine. He receives much affection from his master, the Chief Blue Meanie.


The Dreadful Flying Glove is shaped like a left-handed blue glove with buttons at the end. The thumb's fingernail serves as his eye while the index finger is his nose. Both his middle finger and ring finger are used as his mouth, though he never speaks, aside from the occasional evil laugh.


Index FingerEdit

The Glove uses his index finger more often than any other finger he has, mainly due to the fact that he can crush his enemies with it.

His index finger is also his Achilles' Heel. During his battle with John, he would constantly be trapped in the "O" in "LOVE" as the word literally came out of John's mouth as he sang "All You Need is Love."


Sometimes, the Dreadful Flying Glove would roll himself into a fist and bang the ground below him, hoping to crush his enemies. Often times this would also fail him, having once fallen into water when trying to crush Old Fred.


A less common attack, which involves trapping his enemy and rolling himself into a fist.


The Glove travels by flight, due to the fact it has no legs. As it flys a red and yellow streak exits the inside of the end of his body, with a trail of smoke following behind.


Assault on PepperlandEdit

When the Blue Meanie Army began its assault on Pepperland, they did not count on Old Fred escaping. The Chief Blue Meanie calls on The Dreadful Flying Glove to stop him. However, he is ineffective and manages to get trapped under one of Pepperland's monuments.

The Submarine's ReturnEdit

John was challenged by The Glove again but was powerless against John's ability to materialize the words he spoke. Eventually, he was defeated.