In 1968, a comic book based on the movie Yellow Submarine was made. It was published by Gold Key comics. It doesn't quite follow the storyline of the whole movie, it has seas that are not in the movie such as:

The Sea of Consumer Products

The Sea of Cinema

The Sea of Time looked different

The Sea of Holes looked almost the same

It has songs that are not in the movie such as:

Lovely Rita (from the Sgt Pepper album)

Getting Better (from the Sgt Pepper album)

Mary Had a Little Lamb is not a Beatles song, but it was sung to distract the Blue Meanies

It has quotes that are not in the movie such as:

Barber: What you need, Paul is a moustache! I'll shave it on! (after he puts in on) No, I'll shave it off!

Paul: Will it hurt?

Ringo: Don't worry! Just keep a stiff upper lip!

When they see Paul playing a piano:

Ringo: There he is, Old Fred!

George: Paul is our fourth!

John: What do you think?

Old Fred: Is Liberace available?

When George gets water into the sub:

John: Now look what you've done George!

George: He said SUBMERGE!

Paul: The sub's supposed to go into the water, not the water into the sub!

When Ringo is frozen:

John: Look at those prehistoric beasts!

George: That one isn't prehistoric, it's Ringo! How can we thaw him?

Paul: I brought a thaw from my tool kit!

This whole comic can be found on It is rare and hard to find on eBay.